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Janelas Infravermelhas

Easy Installation – FLIR IR Windows install quickly and securely using the same design as common conduit connections:

• Only one hole to create for each window
• One simple PIRma-Lock™ ring nut to tighten
• Uses standard US punch tools for hole knockouts

PIRma-Lock™ Reliability – Tried and true locknut technology makes  FLIR’s locking ring an IR window  rst:

• Teeth lock tight to the inside of the panel
• Automatically grounds metal components
• No screw holes required that might later strip out

Quick Access Hinged Cover – Simple thumb screw releases the permanently-hinged IR window cover:

• Easy, fl ip-open hatch for faster scans
• Prevents dropping, mix-ups, and loss
• Inside label for permanent identifi cation

Broadband Crystal IR Window – Lens encased in rugged, anodized 
aluminum frame allows indoor & outdoor scans:

• Transmits short, mid and longwave IR images
• Supports visual inspections and fusion features
• Lets laser pointers and illumination shine through

Greater Productivity and ROI – Signi cantly reduces inspection time 
for more ef cient assessments within NFPA 70E guidelines:

• Requires only one person instead of three
• Can reduce or eliminate need for cumbersome PPE
• Helps reduce vast majority of arc fl ash triggers

FLIR Integrity – FLIR backs IRW-Series windows with comprehensive 
testing and a limited lifetime warranty:

• Meets relevant UL, CSA, IEC, and IEEE standards/ratings
• Tested samples withstood arcs, vibration, and extreme humidity
• Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects

Janela IV FLIR de 2” - IRW-2C


250.00 €

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Janela IV FLIR de 3” - IRW-3C


295.00 €

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Janela IV FLIR de 4” - IRW-4C


465.00 €

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